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- Not suitable for young children


- Wear walking boots or good trainers

- Spectacular views over the Garonne valley and the Pyrenees

2 hour walk from the parking area

What to Expect

Route Guide

This walk is not suitable for young children as the last approximate 250m does get steeper and more difficult.


To get to this walk take the 20 minute drive to Eup, where you will find a small car park not far from the start of the path which is signposted from the village.

The track is well used and easy to follow as you make your way up through the forest. As the path snakes its way up to the top you will catch glimpses of the imposing limestone peak through the trees, standing at 1785m above sea level.

There is 1 turn to watch out for where the main path continues straight on there is a small turning up to the right to follow the track to the peak.

The last approximate 250m of climbing is steeper and a little more difficult, but nothing that would require specialist equipment, just sensible walking shoes or good trainers.


Once at the top you will enjoy spectacular views over the Garonne valley and the surrounding peaks. The summit is a great place to stop and enjoy a picnic before making the journey back down.  

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