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- Great views back down the Barousse valley

- Buy the local delicacy, Sost cheese

- The end of the valley and start of the rugged Pyrenees

1 hour amble to Sost from the house

What to Expect

Route Guide

Starting from the doorsteps of La Vielle Ferme turn left at the gates and follow the road up and away from Mauleon Barousse village. This was the main route to Esbareich village until the building of an impressive viaduct linked Esbareich to the main road up through the Barousse valley. Now the track is mainly used by walkers and mountain bikers.


You will soon come across Mauleon Barousse's 2nd chateau from where the path  starts to open out onto fields and woodland and winds its way up to Esbareich.

At Esbareich continue on the path past the church in the centre of the village and up to the cemetry. Follow the path all the way to Sost.

Many of the houses at Sost advertise and sell their local produce, Sost cheese. the Pyrenees mountain pastures produce a uniquely flavoured cheese sole throughout France, well worth a try.

To make this a circular route join the main road out of the village and back down to Mauleon Barousse. There is not a huge amount of traffic through the Barousse valley so the main is fine for walkers. 

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