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Anglo-Canadian Cemetry

- Anglo-Canadian WW2 Cemetry

- Spectacular views over the Pic-du-Gar and other peaks

1 hour 10 mins from the parking area

What to Expect

Route Guide

This walk is full of history and contemplation. During WW2 French Resistance fighters hid out in the mountains. Former Spanish Republican fighters who had fled Spain when Franco and the Nazis won the civil war would come down at night to ambush the Germans. Their directive from London was to prevent the SS division from leaving for Normandy.

The Anglo-Canadian cemetry is the last resting place of a Canadian pilot and six RAF crewmen whose plane crashed on the Pic-du-Douly whilst attempting to resupply the resistance fighters, who were in a life or death battle against a regiment of the 12th SS Panzer Division. 

Every year the ex-French Resistance fighters and the local population of the Nistos valley commemorate the crash from RAF 624 Special Duties Squadron.

Drive through the villages of Nistos Bas and Nistos Haut until you see a signpost directing you off to the left, marked up as "Cimetiere - Anglo Canadien, Clos du Douly".


Once on the trail watch out for a narrow path up to the right as the main, wider path heads down. Gradually walk around the hillside in the forest until you are rewarded with glorious views over the Pic-du-Gar and other peaks.


In the small timber hut next door to the cemetery you can sign the visitors book and pay tribute to those that died. 

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